The Gift of Today

I heard a great line from a song on the radio this morning.
“We are all one phone call away from our knees.”
What a powerful reminder to us all that life can and does change at a drop of the hat and all of our plans, dreams and goals will not change that fact. My life is now different than it was a week ago. I lost a good companion this morning when one of our cats transition to Spirit. A week ago I would not have even considered that as a possibility. Today I am missing a friend.

We often forget, I know that I do, that things change constantly. Our lives appear the same day in and day out. We do the same things everyday, we see the same people, we hear the same songs on the radio, we have our regular routines. So our lives appear to be the same. However, our days are not the same. Each day is a new one and can not ever be recaptured once gone. We forget, I forget, that each day is not a “given right” (a line from another song) but a gift to be cherished and embraced. A blessing that may not be here tomorrow.

Today say “I love you” extra time to those you love. Kiss and hug your furry friends a couple extra time. Smile to those you see on the street. Say “Thank you” to those around you for the service they render you. Better yet say “Thank you” to people just because they are in your life. Each day remember that you are only one phone call away from your knees. Remember that those people who are in your lives now will be there someday. Most of all, remember that today is a blessing and a gift. Embrace it. Cherish it. Don’t let it pass without acknowledging that fact.

You will be missed my little one.

Yukonne Yuki McMahon

Life Coaching is a Bridge

What is a bridge? Something that connects to points. I am a bridge. I have been for a while but didn’t really understand what that means.

I remember a conversation I had with one of my cousins years ago. He was confused about the actions of many of the woman in his life and had called me to talk about it. He would tell me what was bothering him and why and I would explain to him some of the things that could have gone in the mind of the woman he was talking about. Toward the end of the conversation he told me “You have one of the most hybrid minds I’ve ever met”. He meant between male and female. I can usually explain to each gender what the other is thinking and feeling. I love comics and gaming, things that were considered “male”. I grew up hunting and fishing and shooting. I love the martial arts and have taken karate. I know have to apply make up, although I don’t wear it. I love looking at fancy ball gowns and enjoy redecorating my home. Although I still don’t get or can’t explain the appeal of football. Nope, just can’t do it. Hybrid – a bridge between one gender and another.

I am an artist. When I see something that captures my attention, how the light plays on a wall or the angles of a building, I want to capture in on paper. I majored in art in college. I love the exploration and process of working with images. I love the feeling of knowing a painting is complete and whole and beautiful. The play of colors against one another fascinates me. I am an artist and I also minored in math in collage. I love math, especially algebra. I love the stark simplicity of it, where it isn’t any thing but what it is. I love the process of changing equations to get the answers you are looking for. I love the balance of it. I love the logic of the math and the chaos of creating a painting. Hybrid – a bridge between logic and inspiration.

In case in wasn’t apart I have very logical, rational mind. I like to see, touch and understand the world is around me. I’m not a scientist and yet, the scientific process of exploration, questioning and logical progression appeals greatly to me. Still I believe in magic. I have seen elves. I have talked to and travel with Bear Spirit. I play in the realms of the what many would consider the fantastical. I am studying to become a Modern Day Priestess. Both worlds are real to me and if you ask I can give you a very logical explanation for magic.

Life coaching is just another bridge – a bridge between where you see yourself  in your life and where you desire to go. It a bridge between the beliefs that are not supporting you and the beliefs that will. It is a that which spans the crevasse that has your dreams on the other side. A bridge. That is what life coaching means to me – being a bridge. Considering how many other bridges there are within me this is not at all surprising that I have chosen to become a life coaching.

Spiritual Alchemy is an entirely other matter!

Why connection?

Connection. This word has become a goal, an aspiration for me in this coming year. The definition from Webster’s that I think applies most for this is: a political, social, professional, or commercial relationship. That is what I want this year to be about: developing relationships and,developing meaningful connections. There are many connections that come up when I think about what meaningful connections I want to develop. The first one I thought of was the connection to my Spirituality and my spiritual practices. What does that connection mean in that regard? It means to really be a part of the rituals and ceremonies I create in my life, and to really feel Spirit within all I do and in all my life. I want that connection to deepen and expand, and I want to share that with those around me. Another connection is the connection to the social world around me. A deepening and expanding of this connection means meeting new people, deepening my friendships, connecting to those friends that I lost communication with yet I still want in my life, coaching as many people as I can in a year, creating solid business relationships, and becoming part of different communities. This is such a large list of things I wish to do to expand my social connection. I want to create a connection to nature. This mean to be much more aware of the natural world around me, to spend time outside among the forests, to spend time observing and honoring the natural flow and cycles of life, to grow green things and work to reduce my environmental impact on this world.

Why connection? I believe we are all one being, one Spirit. We and all of nature are part of one unified field of consciousness. So as I deepen these connections in my life, I will deepen my connection to myself and Spirit.

In love and light


“What I Believe…” Support Community

How the community came about.

As a child growing up, I was exposed to the religious beliefs of my family. Although my parents were not devoted in their religious practices, they wanted to “do right by their children” and so they indoctrinated me into their faith. I learned my lessons and did all the things I was told. Somewhere along the way I took a slight detour and explored some slightly different beliefs. My parents completely supported me in this and I dove into these new beliefs head on.

In my teen years I began to question some of those beliefs. They didn’t sit well with me. I couldn’t resolve how some of those beliefs made me feel with who I was as a person. When these conflicts found no resolution in my mind and heart – I walked away from my religious practices and my spirituality. It was my experience that I had to accept all of the beliefs as absolute Truth or I was not being true to that belief system. Since I could not accept all these beliefs as true, I decided that must mean I was not part of that religion any more.

Twenty plus years later I began to explore again, only this time I was willing to trust how these beliefs made me feel. I looked to whether these new spiritual explorations supported me. I discovered what empowered me and what disempowered me AND I learned that I could take into myself as my “Truth” bits and pieces of what I was learning. I realized that I did not have to accept the sum total of someone else’s beliefs into my belief system and that I could still honor that other person and their beliefs. This realization for myself started me thinking about how different our world would be if we could hold our own Spiritual Truths with our being and still honor, respect and accept someone else’s Spiritual Truth as Truth for them, even if that Truth was drastically different than ours. Agree to disagree, so to speak. Thus, for me, Spiritual Alchemy was born and from that this community.

This is a place of exploration, of discovery, of being able to try different beliefs on and see how they fit. There are no wrong answers, only beliefs that empower or disempower, only practices that support you or do not support you. In this arena you can learn what it is you believe and what it is you do not believe. You can feel your own way through all of the many belief systems you have been exposed to and see which feel like Truth to you. You have all the answers within you. Your heart knows and understands exactly what those beliefs are and how they support you in your life. This is the place to listen to what your heart is telling you.

Be welcome into my cathedral.

If interested in the community or if you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail at