A World Without Laws?

All people would be at peace,

and the law would be written in their hearts.

Verse 32 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

In this verse, Lao Tzu is speaking of what the world would be like if all people lived their lives completely immersed in the Tao. What he is attempting to convey is a world in which there would not be a need for laws, morals or a code of decency. In that case there would not be any need for a force to make sure that those laws were obeyed. There would not be a need for any of those because someone who was fully immersed and living from the Tao would have all those things written within their hearts. These actions, beliefs and thoughts would come naturally and easily from within each person. Since all things come from the Tao everyone would be living from the same principles and laws. This would create a world of harmony, balance and peace.The point is that as soon as you give a name to something, it is defined and then it has limits. Even God is given limits by the name of Her. He/She is now not me, outside, separate, something else, a presence, an essence, all encompassing, all knowing, all around, within everything and everyone, everywhere at all time and yet still limited by

It is almost impossible to imagine a world where every law is dissolved and all our police forces, armies and security forces are removed and still all people live in peace and harmony. However, this is the world the Lao Tzu is speaking about here. Even though we cannot quite imagine it, this world of peace and harmony is possible. As you become immersed within the Tao, joy, decency, kindness and generosity arise naturally from within you with no need to be told that these are the right actions to take. As more and more people live their lives from their Tao selves, or you might think of it as living life from your Higher Consciousness or Inner Light, the world moves closer to this ideal. Even though we cannot see or imagine a world of that kind of peace and harmony, it doesn’t mean we should not strive to achieve it. Each and every person who commits to living their life from this Inner Light brings the world that much closer to this ideal of having the law written in the hearts of everyone in the world.

In love and light