Why am I convincing others I’m right?

Because he (the Master) believes in himself, he doesn’t try and convince others.

Verse #30 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu
When you are complete and solid in your own truth, there is no need or desire for you to have others accept and agree with your beliefs. A firm belief in yourself, your ideas, and knowledge allows for you to step back from an argument and be willing to agree to disagree. Can you remember some belief or understanding you have in your life that you know to the core of your being is true? It doesn’t matter what others say about it, your acceptance that it is truth is unshakable. That is what is meant by believing in yourself.

Now I want you to think about a time when you were trying to convince someone that something was true. I want you to go into the core of your being during that argument and look at the reason behind why you had convince the other person you were right. Why do they have to believe that what you were saying was true and it should be believed? When we live fully and completely within the Tao, when we are anchored in our own truths, we have nothing invested in whether the other person believes what we know to be our truth. The Tao is in all things, even in another person’s disbelief of our truths. As we believe fully and completely in our own truth, we no longer have to convince others of what we are saying; we will be a living, breathing example of it. We will lose all investment in being right or in them believing us because we believe completely and totally in who we are.

Think about how that kind of belief in yourself and your abilities might change your life. What could you do if you had no doubts and fears about who and what you are? No fears about what you could achieve? Within the Tao the possibilities are endless.


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