The Sum Total of All Knowledge

However splendid the views,

the Master stays serenely in themselves.

Verse #26 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

In these lines from the verse, I believe we are being told that wherever we are in our lives and wherever we want to go, we have within us all the answers that we need. Each one of us carries within ourselves the sum total of all human knowledge and wisdom. It is when we are tuned into our inner knowing and our higher selves that we can access this knowledge. Then we know what the next path is to take or what actions to do to move us to the next step on our path. Within each one of us is our truth about our destiny and life’s purpose.

Often in our chaotic days and very full lives we forget that that knowledge exists. We forget that we know what is the best and right choice for us. We are so filled up with all that we have to do, all that we must accomplish and all that we have to have, that we can no longer hear that inner knowing and guidance. Each day that we choose to not to listen and hear what it has to say, the voice becomes further and further from our consciousness. It becomes harder and harder to hear. Until we have completely forgotten that it was even there in the first place.

In your life, before you look outside yourself for the answer, before you turn to your love, mother, brother, or boss for your answer, sit quietly and ask yourself “What do I think?” Allow yourself the space and time to come up with your own answer. Check in with your heart and gut. See how you feel about the answer. The more times you give yourself the room and grace to check in for your own truth, the easier and louder you will hear that voice within you. Soon you won’t have to check at all. You will know that truth, instinctively and easily.


In love and light


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