Brick by brick – recommitting.

What happen when you lost track of where you’re at and where you want to go? What do you do when you are so caught up in the doing that you have forgotten why you are doing things?

I have been so focused on getting things done and fulfilling the commitments that I forgot why I am doing this stuff. I want to coach people and I want to make a living at it. I love coaching! All the other stuff I am doing, blogs, ICA, marketing, seminars and tele-seminars, all of these are so I can coach as many people as possible. So I can work with them to make permanent lasting changes in their lives. AND so that when I do that I can afford the lifestyle I want.

With all the learning and scrambling to fulfill graduation requirements, I lost sight of what it is I want to do: coach. So I will recommit to that – to doing what I love and making good money at it. So as you are doing your brick, building a solid foundation and filling in the cracks, make sure to check in with yourself and recommit to the thing that got you passionate in the first place. Don’t lose track of the “Why” you are doing what you are doing.

Check in for last week

Created a structure sessions and not the ten week coaching intensive. Listed ten week intensive on craig’s list. Created outline for creativity lectures. Checked into the learning leader labs.

Aug 10, 2009

Formalize structure for session and implement. Fleshed out outline and send out letters of “intent.” Get a handle on overwhelm by write down commitments and “to do’s.”

In love and light


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  1. Very inspiring post! I would like to share something on my blog. Listen in on this call, where we can hear all about the Missing Element to our Spiritual Coaching success!

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