Ooops! Losing focus and direction.

So as I was reading my bricks for last week, I realized that I totally lost track of most of the bricks I had committed to last week. I know I did many things, some them actually for my business. I’m just not sure what and why most of them weren’t the bricks I had committed too. So instead of using this as an opportunity to beat myself for all I didn’t get done, I’m going to use this to look at what was I most committed to instead.

What did I do? I spent time with my husband. I got homework and housework done. I did get approval for my research topic (that was a brick). I coached clients. I listen to some tele-seminars. I took some of the last few classes I need for ICA. I got lots and lots of laundry done! None of these are meant to be excuses. I looked at what I did to see what I was more committed to getting done than the bricks I had planned on. So why was I more committed to these other things? What was it about these things that sent all of the bricks I committed to flying from my focus? I do know that my ICA requirement have been foremost and prominent in my mind. Anything that was outside the focus got shifted to second place.

We are always committed to something. Everything we do during the day, all the actions we do, are because we are committed to something. Whatever actions we are doing show what we are committed to. So whatever you are doing, ask yourself “What am I committed in this moment?” and “Is this commitment going to get me what I want?” Also remember life is about balance, so when you realize that in that moment you are committed to relaxing and having fun, that is perfectly OK! Enjoy it.

So onto this week’s bricks. Some might be familiar.

Aug 3, 2009

Create structure for sessions and ten week coaching intensive. List ten week intensive on craig’s list and other free listing sites. Create outline for creativity lectures. Check into the learning leader labs.

In love and light


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  1. That really is amazing Celina. The same thing happens to me most of the time. I am no procrastinator, but I guess I am the type who commits ‘unconsciously’ to having too many things done while my list of things to do shows only a few 🙂 I’ll be asking myself about the commitment I’ve made to myself in everything I do from now on. This feeds into a clearer self-knowledge.
    Thanks for the insight.

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