Let It Go.

He who clings to his work will create nothing that endures.

Verse #24 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

We are taught that when you want something, you create a plan of action then focus your energy and direction on fulfilling that plan. The Tao asks us to take a different perspective on achieving our goals. In the verse, we are asked not to cling to what we want or the plan we created to get that. Instead, we are asked to take action, be focused, and do the work, and then to let go of the outcome.

When you hold on to something too tightly, whatever it is you are holding onto does not have the space and room to grow. When you hold so rigidly to a plan, to the exclusion of everything else, you will miss opportunities and situations that will come up that will help. An artist will have a plan for their work and yet they will allow inspiration and creativity to guide them in the execution of that work. This speaks to the balance between focus and spontaneity. It asks us to know what we want and yet let go of those things. It tells us to do the work, play the game, create the life we desire, and at the end the only thing that will endure is your connection and completeness with the Tao.

As you go forward in your days, look at what you may be holding onto too tightly. Look at where you have focused your energy and determination on one particular outcome. Then ask yourself if you are holding on so tightly to that outcome that you have squeezed out the sun and water that the idea will need to grow. Ask yourself if there are other ways to get there and if your plan has space for serendipity to occur. Then ask “What will the plan get me and will that create for me enduring happiness and prosperity?” Will this increase my connection to the Tao and spirit? For in the end, that is what will endure.


In Love and Light



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