The Sum Total of All Knowledge

However splendid the views,

the Master stays serenely in themselves.

Verse #26 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

In these lines from the verse, I believe we are being told that wherever we are in our lives and wherever we want to go, we have within us all the answers that we need. Each one of us carries within ourselves the sum total of all human knowledge and wisdom. It is when we are tuned into our inner knowing and our higher selves that we can access this knowledge. Then we know what the next path is to take or what actions to do to move us to the next step on our path. Within each one of us is our truth about our destiny and life’s purpose.

Often in our chaotic days and very full lives we forget that that knowledge exists. We forget that we know what is the best and right choice for us. We are so filled up with all that we have to do, all that we must accomplish and all that we have to have, that we can no longer hear that inner knowing and guidance. Each day that we choose to not to listen and hear what it has to say, the voice becomes further and further from our consciousness. It becomes harder and harder to hear. Until we have completely forgotten that it was even there in the first place.

In your life, before you look outside yourself for the answer, before you turn to your love, mother, brother, or boss for your answer, sit quietly and ask yourself “What do I think?” Allow yourself the space and time to come up with your own answer. Check in with your heart and gut. See how you feel about the answer. The more times you give yourself the room and grace to check in for your own truth, the easier and louder you will hear that voice within you. Soon you won’t have to check at all. You will know that truth, instinctively and easily.


In love and light


First, Last, Always, There is the Tao.

The Universe follows the Tao.

The Tao follows only itself.

Verse #25 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu
First, last and always, there is the Tao. Nothing that happens in this world or the universe is outside of the scope of the Tao. It is, was, and always will be the source from which all things come and that to which all things return. All things are from the Tao and that which is from the Tao is perfect, complete and whole.

This mean that you are perfect, complete and whole as you are in this moment. Any judgment you have about yourself that says you are a failure, ugly, stupid or whatever negative you choose to apply to yourself is just not true. You are a perfect manifestation of the Tao. Everything that you are is exactly as it was meant to be. Nothing in your life that happens is outside of the perfection known as the Tao. Everything that happens in this world is happening within the amazing symmetry of the Tao.

So does this mean we should accept all things as they are and not work to achieve change? After all if it is perfect within the Tao then we should not need to change it. However, we attempt to change things so that all things will come to know and accept their perfect harmony in the Tao. This verse is meant to remind us that all things that happen are meant to happen. So that as we move into living completely and wholly within the Tao, we accept those evens and situations that come up in our life as the perfection they are. This verse reminds that all those around us are also part of the Tao. The judgment of “right” or “wrong” and “good” and “bad” does not apply when within the Tao. All things are beautiful complete and whole that come from the Tao and all things come from the Tao.

In Love and Light


Who’s life is it anyways?

Have you ever been going along in your life, it being a perfectly ordinary day, and suddenly felt overwhelming sadness, anger, or a feeling of being upset for no apparent reason? These unexplained moments of extreme emotions are our mind and body telling us something. Are you listening?

How often do you take the time to stop and see if your life is going the way you want? I know for most of my life I only stopped and looked when I ran smack into a brick wall made of what I didn’t want in my life. I can tell you from experience those are not the times to be looking at your life and seeing if you are on track. In those times, you almost always have a skewed view of where you are and where you want to go. How many of us look at our lives regularly and think about what we want and where we want to go? Mostly we think in terms of what we want to own or how much money we want to earn. How often does anyone look at what makes them happy, sad, excited, mad or emotional?

When we do stop and look at where we want to go and what we want from life, do we ever consider that maybe what we “think” we want is not even what we truly want? So often we are told when growing up what we should do, how much money we should earn, and even what will make us happy. Rarely do we stop and think “Is this what I really want?” It is only after we have gotten all that we were told will make us happy, comfortable, and secure that we stop and look. Usually we are looking because we have gotten all those things and we are still not content. We are restless, stressed, miserable, and plain disgusted with what is going on inside of us and around us. Then we look. Again, not the best time to look.

So I challenge you this week. Take some time when you are relaxed and unstressed, to look around you and see if you are where you want to be. Then examine if it is really something that you wanted or something that you were told you should want. Did you put aside a dream, vision or passion to get where you are? Is there something missing and you don’t know what? Here are some questions to help you on your way.

1. What do I dream about, or have a passion for?
2. When in my life have I been the happiest?
3. How often do I take time to relax and just be?
4. What do I think will make me happy and why?
5. How is what I think will make me happy tied into my passion or dreams?

In love and light

Brick by brick – recommitting.

What happen when you lost track of where you’re at and where you want to go? What do you do when you are so caught up in the doing that you have forgotten why you are doing things?

I have been so focused on getting things done and fulfilling the commitments that I forgot why I am doing this stuff. I want to coach people and I want to make a living at it. I love coaching! All the other stuff I am doing, blogs, ICA, marketing, seminars and tele-seminars, all of these are so I can coach as many people as possible. So I can work with them to make permanent lasting changes in their lives. AND so that when I do that I can afford the lifestyle I want.

With all the learning and scrambling to fulfill graduation requirements, I lost sight of what it is I want to do: coach. So I will recommit to that – to doing what I love and making good money at it. So as you are doing your brick, building a solid foundation and filling in the cracks, make sure to check in with yourself and recommit to the thing that got you passionate in the first place. Don’t lose track of the “Why” you are doing what you are doing.

Check in for last week

Created a structure sessions and not the ten week coaching intensive. Listed ten week intensive on craig’s list. Created outline for creativity lectures. Checked into the learning leader labs.

Aug 10, 2009

Formalize structure for session and implement. Fleshed out outline and send out letters of “intent.” Get a handle on overwhelm by write down commitments and “to do’s.”

In love and light


Ooops! Losing focus and direction.

So as I was reading my bricks for last week, I realized that I totally lost track of most of the bricks I had committed to last week. I know I did many things, some them actually for my business. I’m just not sure what and why most of them weren’t the bricks I had committed too. So instead of using this as an opportunity to beat myself for all I didn’t get done, I’m going to use this to look at what was I most committed to instead.

What did I do? I spent time with my husband. I got homework and housework done. I did get approval for my research topic (that was a brick). I coached clients. I listen to some tele-seminars. I took some of the last few classes I need for ICA. I got lots and lots of laundry done! None of these are meant to be excuses. I looked at what I did to see what I was more committed to getting done than the bricks I had planned on. So why was I more committed to these other things? What was it about these things that sent all of the bricks I committed to flying from my focus? I do know that my ICA requirement have been foremost and prominent in my mind. Anything that was outside the focus got shifted to second place.

We are always committed to something. Everything we do during the day, all the actions we do, are because we are committed to something. Whatever actions we are doing show what we are committed to. So whatever you are doing, ask yourself “What am I committed in this moment?” and “Is this commitment going to get me what I want?” Also remember life is about balance, so when you realize that in that moment you are committed to relaxing and having fun, that is perfectly OK! Enjoy it.

So onto this week’s bricks. Some might be familiar.

Aug 3, 2009

Create structure for sessions and ten week coaching intensive. List ten week intensive on craig’s list and other free listing sites. Create outline for creativity lectures. Check into the learning leader labs.

In love and light


Let It Go.

He who clings to his work will create nothing that endures.

Verse #24 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

We are taught that when you want something, you create a plan of action then focus your energy and direction on fulfilling that plan. The Tao asks us to take a different perspective on achieving our goals. In the verse, we are asked not to cling to what we want or the plan we created to get that. Instead, we are asked to take action, be focused, and do the work, and then to let go of the outcome.

When you hold on to something too tightly, whatever it is you are holding onto does not have the space and room to grow. When you hold so rigidly to a plan, to the exclusion of everything else, you will miss opportunities and situations that will come up that will help. An artist will have a plan for their work and yet they will allow inspiration and creativity to guide them in the execution of that work. This speaks to the balance between focus and spontaneity. It asks us to know what we want and yet let go of those things. It tells us to do the work, play the game, create the life we desire, and at the end the only thing that will endure is your connection and completeness with the Tao.

As you go forward in your days, look at what you may be holding onto too tightly. Look at where you have focused your energy and determination on one particular outcome. Then ask yourself if you are holding on so tightly to that outcome that you have squeezed out the sun and water that the idea will need to grow. Ask yourself if there are other ways to get there and if your plan has space for serendipity to occur. Then ask “What will the plan get me and will that create for me enduring happiness and prosperity?” Will this increase my connection to the Tao and spirit? For in the end, that is what will endure.


In Love and Light