Who gets to choose?

We all have choice.

Have you ever awakened from a dream and been confused because the dream was so real you didn’t realize you were dreaming? Perhaps you were woken up because your body moved in response to something happening in that dream. To your mind and body, unconsciousness and consciousness were the same. I listened to the great lecture on http://www.ted.com (Check out this site. Lots of great ideas.) about the human being’s capacity to generate what Dan Gilbert calls synthetic happiness. He describes this phenomenon as what happens to people after some life changing event or missed opportunity. Afterward, these people are as happy as they were before these events. “It worked out for the best,” or “I’m so much better off now than I was before.” Do these statements sound familiar? These are statement of synthetic happiness. Please check out the lecture to get a much better idea of what this encompasses. One of his points was for some reason we believe synthetic happiness is somehow less real than “true” happiness.

OK. What does all this have to do with choice? I’m so very glad you asked! The greatest gift the human species has been given is our intelligence and the ability to weigh options and choose. Even when someone feels like every choice around them is being taken away, you still have the ability to choose how you view that situation. Our capacity for survival and our ability to thrive stem from our ability to view situations and events from different perspectives. That is the choice we make. We can always, always choose to see events in another light, to switch our perspectives, to think outside the box, to ask someone for a different insight. That is our greatest gift.

So why do we choose anything but happiness? The mind does not know the difference between dreaming and reality. So why not dream your happiness? Create the choice of happiness every day. See it every day. Feel it every day. Dwell on it. Daydream on it. Your mind and body will not know the difference and your reality will conform to that belief. We will create our “synthetic” happiness that will feel real and true to us. What we think about, we become. So you get to choose your happiness? You do! Choose wisely.

In love and light


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