Monday, Monday. How’s your brick foundation?

How is your foundation coming? Are your bricks well placed and fitting together nicely? Are you adding the mortar to hold them and keep them together?

So today I’d like to talk about the mortar that is holding your brick foundation together. What is the purpose of the mortar between the brick? It creates a more solid and firm wall. It helps hold the bricks in place. A wall made with bricks and mortar will last longer than a wall made of just bricks.

So in the terms of your life, what it the mortar? It is the habits, structures, and support mechanisms that keep your foundations in place. The point of us laying out bricks is to change our lives. If you just do the bricks (the actions) without placing the mortar (the habits) our foundation will crumble sooner. So this week, as you are working at your brick, look and see what habits and structure you want to develop for those actions that will continue to support your forward life movement. Progress in made one focused brick at a time. This week be aware of the intent behind those focused actions. Put some mortar between your bricks!

I have been working on my homework fairly regularly this last week. I did not do so as often as I could have and I did get  a lot done and still met the other commitments I had. I am happy with how it is going.

July 20, 2009

This week I have several classes I would like to take to get those finished up. I am on track to finish by the end of the month for my homework. OK maybe a little lagging behind in the race and I am still capable of crossing that finish line. I still have a large amount of time that I need to commit to to get this done. Also, I would like to have decided and got approval for my research topic for next week.

Way cool! ICA graduation here I come!



  1. My bricks from last week: Finishing my end of course application paper for my coaching classes, coaching 3 or more hours with parents, coaching 1 or more hours with children, having a conversation with my spouse around schedules and request more support, take 1 or more boxes to Goodwill to declutter my house and create the space for more peace and abundance and also to donate to others.

    I laid all my bricks last week except the conversation with my spouse around schedules and requesting more support. We did talk a little about schedules, but not like I had committed to. This conversation is one that I am recommitting to for this week.

    For this week:
    Daily affirmations in the mirror, daily journaling around positive things I observe in my spouse and in me, 5 or more hours of parent coaching, Conversation around schedules and support, 2 or more one on one activities with each of my children

    • Awesome to hear how you are doing with your foundation, Dawn.Brick by brick, one day at a time and it will all get done.

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