What’s the Catch?

Because the Master has nothing to prove, people can trust their words.

Verse #22 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

When someone was speaking to you, have you ever thought to yourself, “What’s the catch?” Perhaps you may have thought – “OK. What’s in it for him/her?” Maybe you thought someone was only having a conversation with you because they wanted something from you. During those conversations, you may have come to realize that the person has absolutely no concept of you as a person, just a means to an end. We can sense this in our gut. We seem to always know when someone wants something from us. We can almost always sense their agenda. It is the reason most people have a dislike of salespeople. They get the feeling that the sales person never really sees them as an individual, just another potential sale.

Now, think about a conversation you have had when the person had no motive behind the conversation. They are just imparting information or trying to make a connection with you or just genuinely interested in who you are and where you are in your life. That gives you a completely different feeling inside. You are more focused on the conversation because you aren’t worrying about what their angle is or what they want from you. These conversations are usually reserved for friends and family. However, these connection conversations don’t have to be only for friends and family. You can make that connection with anyone. Is there ever a time in your life when you felt like your concerns and challenges were actually being listened to by a salesperson? They are usually very good salespeople. We have one at the place I work. He is genuinely interested in people and wants to help solve their challenges. He is not concerned about the sales necessarily, although he does have a hard time turning away business. He has passed business on to other businesses we have a relationship with because he knows it just wasn’t a good fit for us. He truly listens to his customers and we have a lot of business because of who he is. He comes from a place of “knowing we have a thriving business and that we don’t have to do any work that will not serve the customers’ needs; we as a business have nothing to prove.”

When you have nothing to prove in a situation or conversation, when you have no agenda except being present, then people are much more comfortable and present around you. They in turn will listen to what you say and trust that you are being genuine and real. When you come from this place of “nothing to prove,” people sense this and are drawn to what you say and what you do. They naturally sense this, and trust what you are saying to them. Being completely secure in all that you are and where you are going, knowing that you are grounded in your own truth, and accepting who you are is key to entering a conversation as a master – with nothing to prove. When you come from a place of not having to convince anyone of your point of view, your rightness, or what has to be done is when people will begin to listen to you and completely accept what you are saying. Let go of needing to have another person validate you to prove your worth to yourself and accept that what you have to say is valuable in it’s own right. That is when you will be heard and trusted.


in love and light,


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