Fleeting & Changeable As the Wind

The Tao is ungraspable. How can the Master’s mind be one with it? Because they don’t cling to ideas.

Verse #21 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

This was a great reminder for me. Last week there were a lot of little changes that happened around me. I’m still processing them what they look like for me moving forward in my life. There was a lot of searching and analyzing of my motives, a lot of looking at what I want from things and some decisions and acceptance that came from that. Did I handle it as well as I would have liked? No, I didn’t. Did I handle it the best I could in the moment – yes I did. There’s still so much growth for me to do and that’s wonderful!

So the lines from this verse are a good reminder that when you are one with the Tao, ideas are as fleeting and changeable as the wind. It’s a great reminder that all things change and if we are holding on so tightly to what it is now, we lose the possibilities of what it could be. To be one with the Tao, I should let things come and go and flow, as all life swirls around me. I should hold onto thoughts only long enough to see their width, breadth, color and taste before letting them go into the world and seeing what flourishes. I should remember that what is considered acceptable and welcome today can be repulsive and undesirable tomorrow. Being one with the Tao means knowing that all things are constantly changing and being in peace with that.

So does being with the Tao mean we should not make our views known when we are against the changes? This was my dilemma this week. I did not agree with some of the changes that were occurring. I felt that they would set back some of the great progress made by the company I am training with. I passionately and logically presented my arguments. I have given the information I think is important. My voice was heard and am now in acceptance about what will happen. So does that mean that I wasn’t honoring the Tao by not just accepting these changes without voicing my objections? I don’t believe that I wasn’t honoring the Tao, or maybe I should say I do believe I was mostly honoring the Tao in this situation. To be in acceptance of what will occur and still be able to voice objections is the best way to honor the Tao. That I had come to acceptance first and voiced my opinion after that acceptance would have been how I would have liked to have handled the situation. Alas, it was not so. As I said, I still have some growing to do! For that I’m glad.


In love and light,



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