Building life one brick at a time.

So here we are at Monday again. Time to check in with where we are at and where we want to go. It was an interesting week, lots of unforeseen changes and lots of developments. I’m still processing a lot of them and deciding on how to move them into my life. And it’s all good!

So check in for last week. OK. Let me just say I bit off more than I could chew and that’s good to know. I mostly spent the time learning about what to do with the social network marketing stuff and how to use it effectively in my business. I have the beginnings of a plan for that and will flesh it out more as I gain more understanding of where to go and how. I did not check into in person groups and I have and idea of what’s going on with the resistance there.  I am mostly looking for a more spiritual based networking groups and I’m not sure where to look. That being said I will continue to look for these types of marketing groups and use the ones I am a part of more effectively. So on to this week….

These next 3 weeks are all about International Coaching Academy and homework. We go on a 2 week break starting next week and I would like to be, if not all caught up, at least 75% caught up on the homework for my tele-classes. That’s in the neighborhood of 20 modules to do. I did not have a system up until now so things are all over the place. By the time classes I want to be at least completed with 15 of the modules. So that is my brick for the next 3 weeks – 5 modules a week on average.

Thanks all for your support! I look forward to hearing where you are and where you’re going!


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