Brick by Brick – where are you?

It’s Monday again and it’s time to look at building our life one brick at a time. Take one small thing every week that will build the foundation for the new life you want. Commit to doing in on this blog and them do it during the week. Check back for support during the week. Then on Monday commit to a new brick for the next week.

So lets check in a see how we all did on our bricks this week.
For me I did get my 3 out of the 4 events listed on various free events listings. I have had more interest in my group sessions recently and I believe that’s because it has now been on Craig’s list for a couple of months. The listings expire after 30 days so I have put that in a calender to renew them. The other sites are still a little new for me to tell and I will keep at them knowing that the longer they are up the more likely they are to get interest. I did not list my coaching intensive yet and intend to do that this week. Mainly because I’m not sure how to list it yet and this week I won’t use that a an excuse.

So what to commit to this week. Hmmm. Develop a daily marketing pattern and business structure. Things that I do everyday to forward my business. Twitter, facebook, my blog and other social medium will be a part of that plan. My newsletter is also part of that plan. I also want to look into in person marketing groups such as chambers and BNI type groups.



  1. Monday June 15
    My brick this week is around taking steps to complete work for my classes leading to my parent coaching certification. I commit to finishing the book Take Time for Your Life by next Monday. I also commit to finishing my module 3 exercises and having them in the mail by Friday June 19. I also commit to having one of my 3 end of the course papers complete by Monday June 22.

    • Awesome! I love that your bricks are so concrete. (pardon the pun). I may have to shift my bricks to more succinctly defined actions. That will make the accountability easier.

      • 1 brick complete-I have finished reading Take Time for Your Life!! That feels great!!

      • Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohoooooo

  2. Last weeks goals in short:
    Enter the horse show- done
    More hay- out of my hands, the weather had a different brick planned.
    Night watch station for my mare- she and the baby did it before I thought she was going to so my night watch station was unnecessary.
    Why I want to actualize?- Actualizing my ambitions provides me with a sense of interaction and engagement with the world that gives me a sense of direction. Actualizing gives me something to do and it facilitates choice. Not actualizing my ambitions makes be feel blown about by Fate or whim.

    So 2 out of 4- check! 2 out of 4- well, I accept that I am not the center of the Universe though I am happy to accept what gifts it offers as well as humble enough to know when it has nothing to do with me.

    This week:
    Choose the areas I would like to become the new Actualizing foci.
    Make my mommas and babies has happy as possible given my energy, weather and fencing constraints.
    Take my meat birds to the butcher, get the cars repaired and as always- HAY.
    Learn how to celebrate and reward myself.

    My blueprint is more about quality of life than it is checking off lists. I might only lay one or two bricks, but they will be beautifully done. And that is what matters to me.
    When I die I hope God says, “Renee! you did enough and it was well done!. You made life sweet and bright for those in your world.”

    Anything else on my list I think of as extra credit.

    I am curious about everyone’s definition of “Accountability” and how they apply it to others as well as to themselves.

    I basically feel like an awful person when I let someone else down. I get depressed when I don’t show up for myself. But I don’t feel this way when it is just “stuff” or when it has to do with unagreed upon expectations. Things happen. We do our best.
    Oh well. So what. Be happy.

    Maybe that’s why I don’t get a lot “done”. Not sure yet if I want to change this pattern. I will let you know next week.

    • I know what you mean about letting other people done. Why do you think coaching exists and is so effective. People are more likely to fulfill promises made to other than they are to the ones they make to themselves. One of the Four Agreements is to be impeccable with your word. That includes your word to yourself.

  3. I’ve noticed as I have gotten older that my “word” had become much more flexible. I have one friend however who will “stay true to her word no matter what”. She will literally break her back in order to be true to her word. Her life is complex and full of truly awful people to whom she keeps her word. It has always made me wonder if the spirits are trying to tell her that her belief system is a “little” too strident.

    “impeccable” = perfect. The only way I can possibly imagine honoring this agreement would be a vow of silence. Which, as you know about me, would be next to impossible. Hence, keeping my word has become a study in learning that “maybe” and “probably” are as close to impeccable as I can manage.

    Actually, to be honest, I am a full time member of the “I don’t know” Fan club. But somehow I get the feeling that I am an incredibly consistent and present person in the lives of my human and animal family. They tell me that it isn’t because I always show up or do what I say I will do, but that it is because I am always fully there in heart and spirit when they need me- mostly no matter what. And those times when I am not “there”- they know I will be soon.

    Since that is one of my core values, I guess one could say I am impeccable in my word- to others and to myself.

    Still, without a doubt, most days you can find me at the Church of the Holy No Commitment. My life is too full of things out of my control and of things I have no desire to control. I guess you could say that I am more interested in going for the open door than I am banging on a closed one over and over. Also, as has been repeatedly pointed out to me, I really have an understanding of a miniscule part of my life map. Basically I think it is about one second long?

    So- Celina-
    question for you:
    Always be impeccable with your word
    Don’t take anything personally
    Don’t make assumptions
    Do your best.

    In each one of these categories- tell me when you feel it is okay to do the opposite of these suggestions, give an example and how you would support a client in breaking their vows to these belief systems.

    • For me when I heard the saying “Be impeccable with your word” it meant to be fully present and very conscious of what I was saying. Of not make promises you may not be able to keep. To know your limitations and be able to set boundaries. “No, I won’t do that.” is being impeccable with your word. It is checking in with yourself and seeing the whys and reasons behind what you are doing and saying. It is about be honest and in integrity with yourself and others. If you were to be true to this saying you would become much more responsible with what you are saying and why. That’s what this saying was about for me, looking at whether I was choosing in true choice to do or say a thing. Do I think I will be prefect with my word – no. Does that mean I should just throw the saying out and not strive for impeccable – also no. Life happens and so we fail sometimes. I would rather strive to be impeccable, which means I am striving for awareness and conscious choice with all that I say and do than continue with throwing my word out there and constantly making promises I will not keep.

      “tell me when you feel it is okay to do the opposite of these suggestions” – never. Doesn’t mean I don’t do the opposite of them. In Star Trek next generation Data (the android) created an android daughter and she asked him why he kept striving to be human since he would never be human. I can’t remember his exact answer but basically he said it is all about the learning and striving towards being human. It’s about the journey not the destination. So that is what I strive for even though I may fall down – a lot.

      As for support a client in breaking vows to these belief systems – it’s all about the clients agenda. I’m here to support them in whatever they need. My “impeccable with my word” may not be what they are looking for in a belief system or a support system. Just because I hold this value doesn’t mean I would expect them to hold it. It also doesn’t mean I would allow a client to be constantly late for sessions or with their payment.

  4. mmmmmmmmmm!!!!! aaaahhhhhh!

  5. I am officially complete with my bricks for the week! I have finished the book Take Time for Your Life, completed the written exercises for Module 3 and mailed them, and completed 1 of my 3 end of course papers and mailed that off also! And I laid my bricks peacefully, which was what I was really focusing on. I am excited to continue on!

    • “I laid my bricks peacefully” I LOVE that! What an awesome place to be in. It’s not just about laying the bricks, it’s also about how you are when you lay them! Thanks Dawn for that reminder.

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