The #1 reason I am a life coach

Why do I coach? I can say that I love it and I have a lot of fun doing it, but that really doesn’t answer the question about “why” I coach. So why do I coach?

I don’t believe in miracles. Maybe I should say that I didn’t believe in miracles until I had a perspective change. Even when I didn’t believe in miracles, it wasn’t that I didn’t believe that they happened, it was that I didn’t believe that they could happen to me. For whatever reason I never believed that I would experience a miracle. I never believed I would have great luck. I was always waiting for the other show to drop. After all, nothing good ever happened unless something bad also happens. So if that’s what I believed, then guess what? That’s always what showed up in my life. Whenever something good did happen I was always looking for the bad – so I always found it. I would say that I wasn’t a pessimist, I would say that I was a realist. That’s just how life was, so deal with it!

When I learned that my thoughts affect my life, when I learned that it was all about how I looked at the events and situations in my life, I immediately got it. I knew that I was 100% responsible for everything that showed up in my life, “good” or “bad,” because, at the very least, I was always, always, always responsible for how I viewed that situation. I accepted this completely and totally into my awareness. I understood intuitively that it was Truth and began to work with changing my thoughts around the events and situations in my life. I’m still occasionally challenged by this idea, and I always know that if I want a challenge in my life to change I must change how I look at that challenge. I get it.

So what does this have to do with miracles and coaching? It was a very good friend who helped me see the miracles in my life. Thank you Allison. She shared with me that a miracle is a change in perspective. She had learned this from a Marianne Williamson book, I believe. A couple of days after she told me this, she left a voice mail on my cell phone telling me that I helped change her perspective and that, in turn, she was able to help change her brother’s perspective around something with which he had been challenged. And that had changed his life. I had done that, she said. I had created a miracle for her and for her brother. Allison told me through the voice mail that I was a miracle. Allison I hope you are reading this because I never told you how much that meant, how much that stills means to me. I don’t think I ever told you that when I got that message, I was standing in the middle of downtown Tempe, AZ, with tears coming down my face, because someone told me, ME, that I had created a miracle in their life. Now I believe in the reality of all miracles and I believe they happen for me.

So why do I coach? That is why I coach – to experience miracles.

In love and light



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