Brick by Brick – commitment, accountability, support.

I was listening to Cheryl Richardson from Coach on Call (Hay House Radio) the other day. She was talking about how she was watching a master craftsman lay the bricks in her fireplace. Cheryl just wanted it DONE NOW and the craftsman said these projects take time. You must lay the bricks one by one. When he was done, Cheryl said her fireplace was a masterpiece. She then related this to building a new life and how you do it one brick at a time.

I thought what a great idea! How about every Monday I blog about what my brick is that I will lay for this week. This way I will build my new life one brick at a time. I would love to have others join me every Monday and write what their brick is for the week and how that will build their new life. This way we can support one another on with accountability and commitment for creating a masterwork of our lives.

What say you? Are you up for it? What is your brick this week?

June 8, 2009

This week I want to promote the events that I am hosting or co-hosting – my group coaching sessions, the meditation circle I am co-leading, Teen Leadership Development camp and the coaching intensive I want to begin in July. I want these event to have a steady stream of people who are interested in creating the next level in their lives. How will I do this? Craig’s list. MassLive (I think). Eventful. Facebook. Flyers or brochures. My e-mail list. I am open to more ideas if anyone has them pass them along.



  1. Celina’s brick by brick challenge:
    Week of 6/9 to 6/15
    I am up for a brick by brick thang… I think I just spent the last 5 years taking down my old self brick by brick. Do you want me to do it on my blog or as a comment to yours?

    Since I am here, I will give you this Monday’s labor of love.
    We got in 10 acres of hay= 13 round bales= 5 weeks of feed for my animals.
    I will take this achievement as a symbol of how hard work over a short span can create resources enough to enable one to do other things with one’s life over a longer period.
    Um, translated as- push it, recover, then sit back and enjoy it.

    Only 60 acres to go.

    Also, my computer is getting a tune up which means it will come back minus its memory of the last 8 months. I will have to go through old memories to restore them. This seems a good opportunity to weed out unwanted stuff.

    Also, the piles in my room got a major stirring- possibly leading to metaphorical personal computer breakdown?

    Until this Monday I aim to maintain. When the sun shines I will make hay again.

    Other goals: set up night watch station to keep an eye on expectant mare, enter the horse show (due tomorrow!!), and to take the time to sit in my hammock and rest.

    I have set up a get her done goal with one client (the other is off to Africa) and kept her focused even though she was experiencing extremee widgyness. Goal is to discuss how meeting her big goal is to be accomplished, how she sees it affecting her life and coming up with a really good Why. I am going to take my own advice and come up with the reasons Why I want to Actualize. Now that my memory has been erased…

    • How much of your old self will you let go now that your hard drive is whipped clean? How much of who we are is maintained around us by the stuff we maintain? If I through away all my stuff – who would I choose to be without all that stuff that reminds me that I’m celina? If I throw out all my old pictures what would I choose to remember?

      Knowing a “why” is a good place to start. It can maintain us when the stuff get overwhelming

      • You have some very interesting typos here-
        If my hard drive was Whipped (crack!) clean, I would certainly be more selective and possibly timid about what I choose to keep.

        Being wiped clean (how’s the cat and the box doing, speaking of wiping) it is somehow more calming. Like wiping the table of it’s crumbs by pushing them onto the floor. This implies the stuff just got moved somewhere, but didn’t really change form. So I can mostly just ignore it as before.

        did you know that our brain has no capacity to tell the difference between a photo, an actual memory or a story we heard about ourselves? I just went through old pictures and realized I had feeling memories that are tinged with nostalgia so I got all mushy- even though I knew I was really not so happy with the way things were at the time of the photo.

        so stuff:
        things. objects. possessions.

        If I had a house fire would I mourn? I used to move every two years as a kid and my parents would limit the stuff we could bring. I am used to tossing people and objects. This is the longest permanent time of my life. so I am facing a totally different concept of stuff.

        The thing about cleaning my room is that it is and always has been a really great way to keep my mom out of my business. Maybe I could learn to close the door?

        I would like a discussion about dealing with other people’s or mutual stuff. Care to?

  2. On your brick:
    If it is brick by brick- then we need to pick one brick?

    This is an idea I have been playing with this month. To hold one focus or idea for long enough for it to become a fact. Of course I am actually doing this with many things, but it is a good start.

    So if you had to choose only one brick for this coming week (6/15-22) how does this shift things for you? Would you go for a cement block or perhaps a concrete form instead of a brick to get your house done?

    A step within a project. Good lord! what tedium!

    But it takes letters to make words, words to make sentences, sentences to make paragraphs…

    What you think oh wise one? Letters or chapters this week?

    • It is a matter of focus and a way to break down the overwhelming tasks of the week in one step at a time nuggets. No one says you have to stop when you finish your brick. You are more than welcome to move on to another. It’s a way to develop a continuous commitment to yourself and what you want your life to look like. Let go of multitasking and focus on one brick at a time.

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