Fleeting & Changeable As the Wind

The Tao is ungraspable. How can the Master’s mind be one with it? Because they don’t cling to ideas.

Verse #21 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

This was a great reminder for me. Last week there were a lot of little changes that happened around me. I’m still processing them what they look like for me moving forward in my life. There was a lot of searching and analyzing of my motives, a lot of looking at what I want from things and some decisions and acceptance that came from that. Did I handle it as well as I would have liked? No, I didn’t. Did I handle it the best I could in the moment – yes I did. There’s still so much growth for me to do and that’s wonderful!

So the lines from this verse are a good reminder that when you are one with the Tao, ideas are as fleeting and changeable as the wind. It’s a great reminder that all things change and if we are holding on so tightly to what it is now, we lose the possibilities of what it could be. To be one with the Tao, I should let things come and go and flow, as all life swirls around me. I should hold onto thoughts only long enough to see their width, breadth, color and taste before letting them go into the world and seeing what flourishes. I should remember that what is considered acceptable and welcome today can be repulsive and undesirable tomorrow. Being one with the Tao means knowing that all things are constantly changing and being in peace with that.

So does being with the Tao mean we should not make our views known when we are against the changes? This was my dilemma this week. I did not agree with some of the changes that were occurring. I felt that they would set back some of the great progress made by the company I am training with. I passionately and logically presented my arguments. I have given the information I think is important. My voice was heard and am now in acceptance about what will happen. So does that mean that I wasn’t honoring the Tao by not just accepting these changes without voicing my objections? I don’t believe that I wasn’t honoring the Tao, or maybe I should say I do believe I was mostly honoring the Tao in this situation. To be in acceptance of what will occur and still be able to voice objections is the best way to honor the Tao. That I had come to acceptance first and voiced my opinion after that acceptance would have been how I would have liked to have handled the situation. Alas, it was not so. As I said, I still have some growing to do! For that I’m glad.


In love and light,


Building life one brick at a time.

So here we are at Monday again. Time to check in with where we are at and where we want to go. It was an interesting week, lots of unforeseen changes and lots of developments. I’m still processing a lot of them and deciding on how to move them into my life. And it’s all good!

So check in for last week. OK. Let me just say I bit off more than I could chew and that’s good to know. I mostly spent the time learning about what to do with the social network marketing stuff and how to use it effectively in my business. I have the beginnings of a plan for that and will flesh it out more as I gain more understanding of where to go and how. I did not check into in person groups and I have and idea of what’s going on with the resistance there.  I am mostly looking for a more spiritual based networking groups and I’m not sure where to look. That being said I will continue to look for these types of marketing groups and use the ones I am a part of more effectively. So on to this week….

These next 3 weeks are all about International Coaching Academy and homework. We go on a 2 week break starting next week and I would like to be, if not all caught up, at least 75% caught up on the homework for my tele-classes. That’s in the neighborhood of 20 modules to do. I did not have a system up until now so things are all over the place. By the time classes I want to be at least completed with 15 of the modules. So that is my brick for the next 3 weeks – 5 modules a week on average.

Thanks all for your support! I look forward to hearing where you are and where you’re going!

Are Your Values Your Own?

Must you value what other value, avoid what others avoid?

Verse #20 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu.

These lines in the Tao Te Ching are asking us to look at our values and what we avoid. We are asked to take a look at the “why” behind these  choices. We are asked to look at these choices to decide if we have made the choices because of our own want or need or because we are following the pack. Are the values you have and the things you avoid something you do with a conscious choice or just because someone else decided that it was good or bad?

Ideas must begin at some point. When we are eating a shell fish of some kind, my husband often remarks how, at some point, someone would have to have been really really hungry to eat a snail, lobster or a squid. Now, those foods are considered delicacies. We understand how yummy these foods taste – now. Yet, think about what would have driven someone to look at a snail and think “food.” Either a very great hunger or a very big dare. It is considered a normal thing now-a-days. Well, normal by some, as I still haven’t come over to the idea of eating this slug-like creature that moves across slime infested rocks and eats “ick”. I will reserve that until I actually taste one and then see if the taste is enough to overcome the idea of slime and “ick”. At some point, someone has the original thought and then others join in. If that thought has great value and is adapted by many, it becomes a permanent idea. Freedom comes to mind. In olden times there was never a moral conflict about having slaves. Now it is a very repugnant idea.

The Tao is not saying to run amok and rebel against every idea out there and always embrace what others avoid and always reject what others value. It is asking you to look and see the reasons behind your choices. To look and see “the why” behind choosing those things. Was it because your neighbor had one? Was it to look cool? Was it because you truly thought it was fun and genuine and useful?  What was it? Each time, look anew at some idea and ask “What is my value in this?”. If that idea has true value, then that value will be reinforced and strengthened. So this week, look at your values and avoidance from a new perspective, from a perspective of investigation and introspection. Are these things you truly value? Why do you avoid those certain things? You decide for yourself what has value and what to avoid.


in love and light,


It’s About Forgiveness

There are two phrases I heard lately that are worth repeating and remembering: “Forgiveness is the elixir of life,” and “Forgiveness breaks the wheel of karma.”  To understand why I believe these are so important, we must first understand what forgiveness is and why it matters so much. Webster’s defines “forgive” as: to give up resentment of or claim to requital for; to cease to feel resentment against; pardon. So forgiveness is the act of pardoning or the act of giving up resentment of.  The bible tells us that to forgive is divine. But why? Why does it matter if you forgive someone or not?

One thing to understand is that forgiveness is not about the other person. It is never about them. Forgiveness is about that person’s hold on you and your life. We do not forgive someone so they can feel better, although that may be a side result. We forgive someone to let go of that person’s hold on our past and our life’s energy. That is why the two sayings above matter so much. The life energy that you allow this person to claim….

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Brick by Brick – where are you?

It’s Monday again and it’s time to look at building our life one brick at a time. Take one small thing every week that will build the foundation for the new life you want. Commit to doing in on this blog and them do it during the week. Check back for support during the week. Then on Monday commit to a new brick for the next week.

So lets check in a see how we all did on our bricks this week.
For me I did get my 3 out of the 4 events listed on various free events listings. I have had more interest in my group sessions recently and I believe that’s because it has now been on Craig’s list for a couple of months. The listings expire after 30 days so I have put that in a calender to renew them. The other sites are still a little new for me to tell and I will keep at them knowing that the longer they are up the more likely they are to get interest. I did not list my coaching intensive yet and intend to do that this week. Mainly because I’m not sure how to list it yet and this week I won’t use that a an excuse.

So what to commit to this week. Hmmm. Develop a daily marketing pattern and business structure. Things that I do everyday to forward my business. Twitter, facebook, my blog and other social medium will be a part of that plan. My newsletter is also part of that plan. I also want to look into in person marketing groups such as chambers and BNI type groups.

The Endless Cycle of Stuff.

Throw away industry and profit, and there won’t be any thieves.

Verse #19 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu.

I don’t take these lines to mean to stop working toward bettering oneself and the world around you. No, these lines are telling us the more we overvalue “stuff” the more there will be those who covet that “stuff.” The more we focus on our material wealth the more there will always be those who want that wealth. It is an endless cycle. As soon as you express an interest in something, as soon as you desire it, someone else will want it too. Ever notice how the prices of things go up the more people crave those things? Yet as soon as the craze dies down you can get those same items all over the place for dirt cheap. Prices go up and up and up until people stop being willing to pay such outrageous prices. Then the bubble bursts and the prices all drop. This happens every year when summer vacation season approaches and the gasoline prices start to get jacked up. Supply and demand.

In your own life, where might you be overvaluing your material goods? Where might you be more concerned about acquiring more than about living a good and honorable life? Where might you be over extending and over working yourself just to get something that’s bigger, better, and more because your neighbor, friend, or family has one also? Where do you have an excess amount of – whatever – because you “have to” have it? Think about whether your material goods and owning more has become more important than spending time with your children or spouse. Think about whether you are overly concerned with how much money is in your bank account. Think about your credit cards bills and what you put on them. Was that a need or was it greed that caused you to purchase whatever items you are still paying off now?

We definitely live in a materialistic society, where owning more stuff is what keeps our economy going. Of course it is not wrong to want a better life, to want to have to be unconcerned if the bills are going to get paid, or to not worry about whether there is going to be food on the table. This is absolutely not a bad thing. However, when having more becomes all that matters and all that you think about, when you are buying stuff with credit cards because the newest game system is out and you have to have it, when you pay insane amounts of money to own this or that brand, when all of those things become more important than your connection to the Tao, the universe, your family, friends, and neighbors, then that is when we have forsaken the Tao and are walking the path of destruction. So think about where in your life “the stuff” may have become more important than the Way. Think about why you go to work everyday. Is it because you love your job, or is it to pay the bills? Are you motivated by the things you can own or the joy and passion for the work? Where has the stuff become more important than the path we walk and the people with whom we share it?


In love and light,


The #1 reason I am a life coach

Why do I coach? I can say that I love it and I have a lot of fun doing it, but that really doesn’t answer the question about “why” I coach. So why do I coach?

I don’t believe in miracles. Maybe I should say that I didn’t believe in miracles until I had a perspective change. Even when I didn’t believe in miracles, it wasn’t that I didn’t believe that they happened, it was that I didn’t believe that they could happen to me. For whatever reason I never believed that I would experience a miracle. I never believed I would have great luck. I was always waiting for the other show to drop. After all, nothing good ever happened unless something bad also happens. So if that’s what I believed, then guess what? That’s always what showed up in my life. Whenever something good did happen I was always looking for the bad – so I always found it. I would say that I wasn’t a pessimist, I would say that I was a realist. That’s just how life was, so deal with it!

When I learned that my thoughts affect my life, when I learned that it was all about how I looked at the events and situations in my life, I immediately got it. I knew that I was 100% responsible for everything that showed up in my life, “good” or “bad,” because, at the very least, I was always, always, always responsible for how I viewed that situation. I accepted this completely and totally into my awareness. I understood intuitively that it was Truth and began to work with changing my thoughts around the events and situations in my life. I’m still occasionally challenged by this idea, and I always know that if I want a challenge in my life to change I must change how I look at that challenge. I get it.

So what does this have to do with miracles and coaching? It was a very good friend who helped me see the miracles in my life. Thank you Allison. She shared with me that a miracle is a change in perspective. She had learned this from a Marianne Williamson book, I believe. A couple of days after she told me this, she left a voice mail on my cell phone telling me that I helped change her perspective and that, in turn, she was able to help change her brother’s perspective around something with which he had been challenged. And that had changed his life. I had done that, she said. I had created a miracle for her and for her brother. Allison told me through the voice mail that I was a miracle. Allison I hope you are reading this because I never told you how much that meant, how much that stills means to me. I don’t think I ever told you that when I got that message, I was standing in the middle of downtown Tempe, AZ, with tears coming down my face, because someone told me, ME, that I had created a miracle in their life. Now I believe in the reality of all miracles and I believe they happen for me.

So why do I coach? That is why I coach – to experience miracles.

In love and light