How to live with anyone.

Ten rules of the house that when applied and implemented will help anyone live together

OK, maybe that’s overstating it a bit little. However this post was developed out a frustration of living with someone who had a completely different idea of what it meant to keep a clean and tidy house. We have different tolerances about what acceptable household practices are. After a day (or two) dishes in the sink gross me out, especially if I’m going to use the sink. My husband doesn’t think anything of leaving dirty dishes in the sink until we run out of clean forks, always the first causality in our house. Then it’s a toss up on whether all the dishes will get done or just the forks. You would think having an automatic dishwasher would help. It actually has and yet, there are still dishes in the sink.

I’m convinced that there is a gene inherent in the male of the human species and it has a primal need to cover every free surface in it’s dominion with stuff. This has been reinforced over the years by working with mostly male coworkers. I will freely admit that I place things on free surfaces also, however it rarely becomes that object’s permanent home, as is the case with many of the male species’ objects. After a month that piece of paper sitting on the table, with some random number on it, really would be better somewhere else. Mail is not a priceless treasure to be saved for weeks. It would be much better to go through it, well, daily.

Anyways, what I’m discussing here are 10 rules that if everyone will agree to abide by and implement, will create harmony with the household. If you want to be really creative you can enact a rewards and consequences system. Maybe something like a dime in a jar for every violation, have different jars for different people and the one with the lowest amount at the end of the month gets to buy something that they would like for the household. Be creative and have fun!


1. If you take it out – PUT IT AWAY
2. If you drop it – PICK IT UP
3. If you dirty  it – CLEAN IT
4. If you empty it – FILL IT BACK UP
5. If you fill it up – EMPTY IT OUT
6. If you bring it in – FIND IT A HOME
7. If you borrow it – ASK PERMISSION
8. If you lose/break it – REPLACE IT
9. If you turn it on – TURN IT OFF
10. If you’re going out – LEAVE A NOTE (and make sure the doors are locked!)

So there it is! Let me know what you think or if there are other rules that might make more sense or that you like better. I love feedback! If anyone implements these rules I would love to hear how it all worked out for you!

In love and light



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