Wait… How is it Perfection?

Immersed in the wonder of the Tao you can deal with whatever life brings you.

Verse #16 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzo

Within the Tao all things happen with perfect wisdom and perfect timing. Things that cause stress and frustration are just brief moments within the long life of the Tao. The Tao is complete, total, whole and perfect in all that it does and all that it is. It has been the force of creation for all the world and universe. It has created everything in the universe. It is an infinite source of ideas and conceptions. It is the never ending possibilities. Is that not amazing? The Tao is pure wonder and amazement at the infinite variety around us. A variety that continues to this day and will continue long after we have left this physical plain.

So if everything within the Tao is perfect and wonderful, how can there be so much pain and suffering around us? It is our connection to this physical manifestation that we call our bodies that causes our stress. The stress and frustration caused by an event is only caused by your thought processes and your perceptions around those events. It is caused by the beliefs of what will happen to you in the body, in the physical form. Stress is caused by our desires and wants that arise from being within these physical beings. Because we can feel pain, anger, hurt, love, joy, sorrow, and loss, the minutes and hours of our days are consumed by not allowing those “bad” feeling to occur. We spend our time working to achieve a comfort and security that is temporary at best, an illusion at worst. Still, even these bodies and this life is a perfect manifestation of the Tao.

Allow the thoughts of acceptance of the temporary condition of this physical pain to come into our beliefs. Be aware that “this too will pass.” Know that everything that occurs is part of the Tao. Immerse yourself in the knowledge that although you are in the flesh at this time, your true being is spirit and is fully connected to the Tao at all times. Immerse yourself in the place of no time and just being, be within the Tao. In that place, with that knowledge of how temporary this moment is, you can face all that life has to offer.


In Love and Light



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