Busy, Busy, Busy.

Can you remain unmoving until the right action arises by itself?

Verse #15 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

Do you feel like you always have to being doing something? Perhaps it doesn’t even matter what the action is as long as you are doing something, because it’s then that you feel like you are productive and purposeful. How many times have you rushed in to get something done, because “somebody had to do it,” only to realize that whatever action you had taken was ineffective or worse has to be completely redone? In these lines the Tao is asking us to stop doing and wait for the right moment. It is telling us that that the actions are meaningless in and of themselves unless they are the right actions. It is asking us to let go of the do, do, do and wait for that one moment when it is correct to move forward.

Take a look at all the actions you complete in one day. How many of them are re-actions to the events or situations around you? How many of those actions were done because they were habits or part of some daily routine? As you go through your days, become more aware of all the actions you are taking throughout the day. See if you are taking these actions in awareness or if you are just doing them. Are you eating at lunch because you’re hungry or because it’s lunch time? Are you watching TV because you’re interested in what’s on the TV or because you always watch TV at this time? Are you reading the book because you want to read or because you don’t want to clean the bathroom? Each action has a time and place. Can you allow yourself to let go and just wait for that time to arrive? Can you let go of the doing just so you are doing something? Can you allow yourself time in your day to just be and not have anything on the agenda?

As you become more aware of the right time and place for each action, you will find that your actions become more focused, more directed, more purposeful. You will find that you will be doing less yet still achieving the same amount of things. We are so geared in this society to go, go go that we forget to pause and wait. It is in the pausing and the waiting that clarity is revealed, and you will be able to see which one action is correct and that one action will replace the ten you would have done if you had just rushed in. Allow breathing space during your day and then remember to breathe! The time and place will become clear and things will get done in the correct time.


In Love and Light



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