No One Knows Our Experience.

We hammer wood for a housed

but it is the inner space that makes it livable.

Verse #11 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

We can only experience the world through our senses. That means that no one really knows how another person is truly experiencing the world. We connect when someone tells us how they are feeling and yet we will never know completely what that is because we all interpret the world differently. Yet, it is our connection to another’s inner being that is so important.

In the printing industry, color management is a constant struggle. You can give a customer all the reasons and challenges for why what they see on their screen does not print out the same and in the end it doesn’t matter if the customer is still disappointed with the project. You can spend lots of time and lots of money so that the actual numbers measured by all the equipment are the same. In the end the customer will see the color with their own eyes and, even though the numbers are prefect, they may not be happy. Not because anything is actually wrong but because they see things with their own eyes which will have very little to do with your numbers.

In these lines, I believe we are being told that no matter what is happening around us, it is what is going on inside of us that matters most. However, what is inside will be different for every one of us. It is our own inner connection that makes this world livable for each of us. The more and more you connect to that inner space and be true to what is going on there, the more and more the outer world becomes a place of peace, beauty, and joy. The next step is to be aware that every one of us is having our own experience with our inner selves. Once we accept that, and have no judgement around what another’s inner space is experiencing, the world will step closer and closer to a place of harmony and love.

In love and light


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