Are You Being Honest in Who You are?

When you are content to be simple yourself…

everybody will respect you.

Verse 8 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

We can usually detect when someone is “faking” it. We can feel when they are putting on an act, when they are being phony. Sometimes it may just be that feeling of unease when around the person. It could also be a dislike or intolerance of them. However it shows up, a person can tell when someone is not being honest in who they are and it usually has that person running for the hills.

There are many reasons that we may learn to put on an act. We could have been taught that who we are is not enough. We may have learned that only strength is respected or we might have been taught that showing emotions and feelings is a weakness. We may be afraid that someone won’t like who we are and reject us, so we are afraid of being hurt. So we put up a front and create a mask to fit in and soon the mask fits so well we are not even aware we are wearing it. However, there will be those who will sense it, who will know we are not being true to who we are. The question is: if you never show who you really are, you will never learn that the fears that created those masks are false. You will also never know the peace and serenity of being true to yourself.

Notice the questions that those who are close to you are asking. “Are you OK?” or “Are you feeling well?” from someone who knows you well, might be a sign to check and see if a mask has slipped into place. “You don’t seem yourself.” might be a clue to check in and see if one of your acts has come out and you are pretending for whatever reason. Maybe your acts are so good and so firmly on that even those close to you might not know they are in place. So then what? How do you know? The disquiet within yourself, the unhappiness that sneaks in for no reason, the melancholy and feeling that there must be something more could be signs that you are playing a part and not being true to yourself.

How do you find out who you truly are? How do you know when you are being your true self? When the opinion and comments of those around do not affect how you act and be. When we are operating from a place of true being then the words of others will not push us from the truth of who we are. They cannot shake the foundations of our core. It will not turn us from our path. Most of all follow your feeling and heart. The sense of peace and completeness that comes over you when you are walking your own path and being grounded in the truth of who you are can’t be denied. As with most things, follow your heart and the truth will be revealed.

In love and light



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