The infinite power in you.

…it gives to infinite worlds.

It is always present within you.

Verse 6 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu


Think about these lines for a minute. The power that has created an infinite amount of worlds, since the beginning of time, across this vast universe– it is always present within. At all times, in every moment, present within YOU! That amazing power is within you! So… what are you doing with it?
Are you using it to worry over paying the bills, berate the other driver who cut you off, tuck your child in at night, write a symphony, read to someone? Are you using it to curse at the cashier because you got the wrong change, smile and say hello to those you meet, create a business plan, walk the dog, demand more and more things to satisfy your need for instant gratification? Are you comforting a friend with it? Is it helping you to be creative or destructive? Whatever you are doing in your life, that awesome power is within you, it resides within you, and manifests itself into your life – everyday. However consciously or unconsciously you are using it, it is being used.
That power resides within you, the power to birth worlds, and you are using it. How do you begin to use it consciously and for the greatest good? How do we become a more conscious user of this power? How do you create your own infinite worlds in total awareness and deliberateness? You have already begun. By asking the “How” questions, you have taken the first step towards deliberate creation. Awareness that it is there and it is being used is the first step. Another step is to align yourself with your greatest and highest good. For each person this will look differently. There are no concrete answers. I think each person must feel their way to their highest good, into their true calling, into their dharma. Each person must seek what gives them that connection to source. And it is a connection. It is not you demanding, begging or persuading. It is a connection, a co-creation, when you and this power are aligned and working for a single purpose, your greatest good. Together as a single aligned being.
I, too, am still discovering the connection and how that looks for me. I would love to hear how you connect to source. Meditation is one way for me, walking is another. Listening to different music or seeing an amazing piece of art are still others ways that I can connect. The sounds of the ocean or moving water can also place me in that place of connection. Being completely in the moment of whatever you are doing, whatever that may look like, is a great way to connect to source. Each person will find different ways that work and even different things that work on different days. Remember it is always present within you, so you are never disconnected. The more you become consciously aware of that connection the easier it will become to create, deliberately, using this amazing power.
How will you know? When you have lost the sense of time moving, when you are immersed in pure joy and peace, when you feel bliss and stillness and wholeness. That is when you know you are within that power and that power is there to create your greatest good. As more and more people align themselves to their greatest good, the more this world will become aligned and we begin the walk toward lasting peace.

In love and light



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