What Defies Explanation, Yet Is So Simple?

The more you talk of it

the less you understand.

Verse 5 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

I remember training someone who would be taking over the details of some of my everyday tasks at this one job I had a couple of years ago. I was moving up to a different position and he was learning the details of his new position. Before he would begin to learn what each task entailed, he had to know what it’s purpose was and why it had to be done this way. It was always the first question out of his mouth. He could not further into the training until he knew why. Luckily, since I had designed most of what he was doing, I always had an answer for him. I don’t know if the training really would have ground to a halt or not if he didn’t get his answer, but he was much more comfortable after he got his answers. Not everyone has to know the “why” before they can go on but there are some people who do. They have to understand the whole picture before they can grasp the tiniest bit of it. For me, most of the time, I only want to understand what I need to know so I understand how something will function in my life and then let the rest go. Every once in a while my curiosity gets peaked and I want the “why” also. At those times I want to have it all defined, categorized and filed just so, so I understand all of it. I can get where it’s coming from then. I can relate to it.

We like explanations. We like to understand. Have you ever been on the opposite side of a conversation and just not gotten what the other person is talking about? Not matter how much they keep talking and how much you try to understand you just DON’T GET IT! The more and more they spoke, the more and more you got lost and the more frustrated you got. They want you to understand, or be converted to their thinking. The distance between these two people will become more and more vast the more the words are used to explain. If it kept going it would seem like an insurmountable distance, like nothing that could be bridged.

So here I am every week, using more and more words, to explain. categorize and define the Tao to you. The Tao is something that defies explanation and yet it is the simplest thing in the world. It is you and it is everyone. So I write and write, hoping that what I am relaying makes sense and brings the Tao into clarity for you. In the end, words are not the way to explain. The Tao just is. The best way to understand it is to just be present every moment of every day in your own life.


In love and light



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