How Hard Are You Working to Avoid Your Truth?

It doesn’t matter,” he said… but in his heart he knew that it did matter. by Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist

With these lines we get a glimpse of the beginning of the boy’s journey. Here he starts out by stating, out loud, something he knew to be untrue. He was alone, except for his sheep, and yet he declared this out loud. I believe this was in an effort to convince himself of the truth of the statement. Still, his heart whispered it’s secrets to him and, even though he did not want to admit it, he still heard the whispering of his heart. As he progresses on his journey he will learn more and more to heed to the voice of his heart.

I have only recently learned to heed the voice of my heart. I’m still learning. I had no compass, no idea, no understanding of how to do this. I had learned, through example, that feelings were bad things. They were things that caused weakness and disrupted logic. This world loves a logical person. As a woman, if you show emotions and feelings, your ideas are dismissed and disregarded as useless or silly. So when I began to realize the power of my heart with it’s emotions and intuition, I had no idea how to heed it’s voice and incorporate it’s wisdom into my life. It was outside of my training. Often time I could not even identify what emotions I was feeling. This was because in the past I had denied so completely what I was feeling that my emotions were unrecognizable. The more I listened to and heeded my heart, the more I realized how truly powerful it was. I also realized that my greatest power was in getting my heart and my head to work together as a team. That power lies in the passion and inspiration of my heart, working in conjunction with the logic and problem solving of my head. Together they could change the world. Well, at least my corner of it.

When you find yourself caught in a logic loop, when you can completely justify each decision in prefect logic, or when you can’t seem to find an answer that works because they are all right, just step back for a minute. Take a deep breath and let your head have a break. Then check in with your heart. Put your attention into your chest and listen for your heartbeat. Stay that way for a minute. Then think about the challenge and see what you are feeling about the choices. Consider each option and see what your heart feels when you think about them. The more you practice this, the easier it will become. Each time it will become easier to distinguish what you are feeling. It may be frustrating at first, because you may be unsure of what you are feeling. Stick with it. Practice on little choices and work your way up to the bigger ones. Stick with it. They are an amazingly powerful team, the head and the heart. Well worth the effort it takes to train them.

In love and light



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