Where Are Ideas Born?

It is like the eternal void:

filled with infinite possibilities.

Verse 4 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

Creation and creativity are what I think of when I read these lines. That place where all ideas and inspiration are born before they are manifested into physical form. The place where creativity resides before it comes and like a beautiful butterfly, lands lightly upon your shoulder and awaits your notice. It is the place before action, before thought, before even inspiration. The eternal void is where nothing exists and yet all things and more are present.
Think about a blank piece of paper. It is just a plain piece of paper, nothing on it. Nothing really special about it except for the possibilities of what it may become. Imagine all of the various things that this simple piece of paper could become. It could become a drawing, a marriage certificate, a homework assignment, a love letter, an origami crane, a piece of trash, or a representation of a cherished memory. Those are just a few of the things. Another person can come up with other ideas. Someone else will come up with a whole other set of ideas. On and on, there will grow an endless list of possibilities for just this one single piece of paper. The moment you take that paper and write on it, draw on it, print on it or fold it, all of those endless possibilities now narrow and collapse into a select few. Eventually all those possibilities will collapse down into one. It will remain like that until something else shifts or changes.

The eternal void is that paper. You can dip into it, dip into all that endless potentiality, and bring back pieces of it to manifest into this reality. Once you place your thoughts and actions upon that potential, it is molded and formed into a few likely scenarios. Before that…. before that it was vast, unknown, wide, expansive, so very big and enormous. The only limitations upon it were the limitations placed upon it by our own imaginations. The limitations that exist within our own heads. It is our thoughts and ideas and structures that cause the possibilities to collapse. It is our own imaginations that limit the potential of the eternal void.

Now imagine, if you can, that you find a way to be within the void, to exist within the endless possibilities, and not have the possibilities collapse around you. What if you could merge yourself into the void, exist within those endless possibilities, tap into that power and magnificence, and have it flow through you bursting spontaneously into creation and form and energy? What if? What could this world become with that? The possibilities are endless. Only limited by our own imagination.


In love and light



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