Do You Trust your Own Instincts? Are You a Sheep?

“The day was dawning, and the shepherd urged his sheep in the direction of the sun. They never have to make any decisions, he thought. Maybe that’s why they always stay close to me… They trust me, and they’ve forgotten how to rely on their own instincts, because I lead them to nourishment.”The Alchemist by Paulo Colho.

Are you being a sheep? Or perhaps a better questions is where in your life are you being a sheep? Every day there are decisions being made that will affect us and we have very little control over them. Somewhere right now a bailout package is being hammered out and this will affect our lives is some way. Things of this nature happen every day. Does that make you a sheep? Maybe and maybe not. That is our choice how you wish to see that. “I can’t effect something like that anyway.” Susan B Anthony thought differently. So did Mahatma Gaudi. “That is the compromise I make to live in this country”. Also perfectly acceptable. Whatever you tell yourself, just do not dismiss that you are being led in certain directions everyday. Be aware and choose where you want to go, or rather where you want to be led.

Lets bring it closer to home. Is there a relationship in your life where you’ve stop making decisions, stopped voicing opinions, stopped looking at the choices for what ever reasons. Maybe you felt like you are not be heard. Maybe you felt like the other person could do a better job. Maybe you just didn’t want to be bothered because it was a crappy job anyways so let them do it. How does that bind you to the other person? Being bound is not good or bad, it’s just that – a connection that ties you to another. If you are being hurt by that relationship or not getting out of it what is best for you then maybe it’s time to look at where you have stopped making choices. If the relationship brings you joy and growth and this is just what you do to fit together, great. Again, be aware of where you are choosing and where you are being led.

If you have allowed someone else to decide for a long time, then how are you at making those decisions? Do you trust yourself? Can you make a “big” decision when you need too? How dull have your instincts for what if good and right for you become” Think about the lines from The Alchemist for a minute and see if you can find any places in your life where you have become a sheep – a place where you just follow where you are led. Then ask yourself if that is what you want? Is this what you choose to continue? There is no right or wrong answer. There may be place where you choose to be led and that is OK. All I’m asking is that you become aware of that place and choose it consciously.

In love and Light



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