What Did You Wake Up Knowing This Morning?

and creates confusion in those who think they know.

Verse 3 from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

Dr Dyer has a great line – “What did you wake up knowing this morning?” Knowing things is considered to be a great benefit in our society. People who acquire the vast knowing of things are deemed smart and well educated. They are offered accolades and certificates of achievement. Children are praised and judged on their ability to know things. Adults are encouraged to continue to amass the knowing of things to improve their positions and careers. Yet, all this knowing of things does not really equate to wisdom, only information.

If you know something, then there is no room for the unknown. There is no room for something outside of the knowing to be noticed and embraced. Being in the knowing is essentially putting blinders on and only seeing certain things. It cuts off possibilities and strangles choices. What would happen if you let go of all the things you know about the world. Look at everything with new eyes. Pretend you have never met your co-worker before. Walk onto the job like you’ve never been there before. Ask your lover all the same questions you asked when you started dating, you know “What’s your favorite color?” and “What are your favorite movies?” and “What do you like to eat?”. Let go of the knowing of the answers and take it all in as if fresh and new.

Our brains like to associate everything we know with something from the past. Try walking through a mall and don’t let your mind tell you that this person looks like so and so or the person reminds me of my brother. It is not easy. We like to associate the new with the old and because of that we like to hold onto the knowing. We like it to all be familiar and comfortable. When we are confronted by something completely new, we struggle to define it in the terms of our past knowing, instead of accepting it as it is. As a practice, whenever you find yourself defining something from your past knowing, stop and look again. Let go of the knowing and look at this thing as if you’ve never seen it before. Who knows, you really might not have seen anything like it before! A brand new world, every day!


In love and light



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