Do You See the Reflection of Your Beauty?

” … I could see, in the depths of his eyes, my own beauty reflected.” by Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist

The book The Alchemist opens with the story of Narcissus, who drowns from contemplating his own beauty in a lake. The line quoted above is spoken by the lake when it was pointed out, by a nymph, to the lake that the lake was the only one who was able to constantly see Narcissus’ beauty.

What the lake saw everyday as Narcissus gazed into it depths was its own beauty reflected back to itself. It didn’t see Narcissus. When Narcissus looked into the lake, all he saw was his own beauty which he was completely captivated by. The lake did not even notice that. It didn’t even know that Narcissus was beautiful because all the lake saw was itself and its own beauty shining in someone else’s eyes. When it saw itself in Narcissus’ eyes, it knew that it was beautiful.

Many times we cannot see our own gifts, our own beauty, until it is pointed out to us by another. What a precious gift that is. When another person gives that gift to you, when they reflect back to you, by their words or their actions, the beautiful person you are, do you accept it? Are you grateful for that gift? Do you brush it off and push it away because it makes you uncomfortable and uneasy? Accept the gift when it is given. Accept it and say “Thank you”. Let the world reflect back to you your greatness and allow yourself to develop that light and beauty. As you step into the beauty and light, more and more will of this beauty and light will be reflected back to you.

As your gift has the ability to help you grow, you reflecting back to another their beauty and their light will give them the opportunity to grow also. In your words and your actions, reflect back to your fellow human beings their own beauty. Reflect back to them their light. Give them that gift. Remind them to accept and grow in it. Each person made brighter by that gift of reflection will cause the world to become a little brighter. Consider this a daily action that will contribute to a better, brighter world.

In love and light



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