“If you’re not prepared to be wrong… “

…. you never come up with anything original”

Another great lecture on the TED website by Sir Ken Robinson, call “Do schools kill creativity?”
He is funny and inspiring and I think anyone planning on teaching children should listen to it once.



In love and light

What a gift coaching is.

I needed to decide on a major for college. My plan for what I wanted to do for a career didn’t work out. So here I was getting ready for college and I needed a major. I was thinking about majoring in Fine Arts. My father, although he loved my art, just couldn’t see how I could make a living as an artist. He had always encouraged me as a child and had even tried to get me a tutor once but, now, when it came to choose the direction my life’s future would take, he was balking. Since my parents were paying for my education, I felt they had a say in it.

My mother had spent her life doing a job she hated. This job was forced upon her by her own mother when she was getting ready to make her career choice. My mother stayed in that career because the money was good and she had a family. Now it was time for her own daughter to make a choice. I still don’t know to this day whether my mother believed I would make a living as an artist or not, but to her I don’t think it mattered. What mattered to her was that I would have the right to go to school and study whatever I wanted. That’s what she told my dad and I went to school and became a fine art major.

I am not making a living as an artist – yet. I have done other things. Currently, I have my own business and I am a life coach. However, the dream of gallery shows and selling lots of paintings and of my art hanging in the Louvre is not gone. So I still put pastels to paper and have ideas for painting stashed in notebooks. I would not trade the artist training I received in college for anything else. The training and skills I developed will last me for the rest of my life. The way to see as an artist sees. That will never leave me. I still use many of my skills in my current venture. I cannot help but be an artist, whether I am painting or not.

Nor would I ever give up that feeling of knowing that I was supported, not just supported but defended, in the choice I had made for my own life’s path. It was such an amazing gift to me, to know that what I wanted mattered.

That is the phenomenal gift a coach gives to their client. The unconditional support to what their client wants in their life. We are there to help them in their chosen life’s path, whatever that may be and however impossible it may seem. That is such a precious gift that so few people receive. If the time comes when what they want is too hard or too long in coming, we are there to remind them about the excitement they had when they first wanted that dream. We are there to get them enthused again and we are there to ask those questions that will bring clarity. The questions that will help the client see if this really is what they wanted and, if need be, support them if they decide to choose something different. There is no right or wrong, just a choice and a path to take.

I love to hear the amazement in my client’s voice when they figure out what they want or see the joy and celebration in their eyes when they had that success that will take them to the next level. The gift of coaching is a two way street, a gift of support and a gift of allowing support. Such an amazing blessing!

In love and light