“They must apply to everyone…”

I received a petition in my e-mail box to urge president-elect Obama to close Guantanamo prison on his first day in office. I’m not going to go into the history of this situation or the rights or wrongs of it. I’ll leave that to the many other more capable writers out there. No, I’m going to write about a random thought that came up when I was thinking about that situation – Star Trek.

Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry was a very forward thinking individual. Star Trek (classic series) had the first interracial kiss on TV (“Plato’s Stepchildren”). The original pilot (re-edited and shown as “The Menagerie parts 1 & 2”) had a woman officer as the second in command. This was revamped before the series aired but this gives you an idea of his thought process. The episode “The Omega Glory” was the story of two ethnic groups on the planet who, centuries ago, fought a terrible bacteriological war. That war was in it’s final stages when the Enterprise comes onto the scene. In the climax it is revealed that the victors were descendants of the people of the U.S. They held sacred a tattered flag and a copy of the constitution. The meaning of the words of the constitution had been slurred down through the years so that they were no longer recognizable. At the end of the episode Kirk explains the words “We the people… ” to the Yangs. Then he passionately states: “They must apply to everyone or they mean nothing.”

We talk about our rights as American citizens but, it seems, conveniently forget that these rights must apply to everyone that we deal with, in any capacity that we deal with them, or the words are meaningless. In the time now, when many of the peoples of this nation are feeling renewed hope for the future, we must ask ourselves – “Will the ideals and freedoms and rights we hold so dear apply to only those that we choose to apply them too or to everyone?”

We will apply them regardless of where those people were born, regardless of the color of their skin, regardless of their sexual persuasion, regardless of their gender, regardless of their age.
We the people – now, who does those leave out? We are all “the people.”

To view the final scene from “The Omega Glory” click below.
“They must apply to everyone… “

In love and light