Fear and the media.

I believe that the media in this country is helping to reinforce people’s fears. I think that this creates a cycle of fear. You hear a news report that creates a fear in you, so you turn to the media to get more information. Then the media will give you more information that creates more fear and worry. That is the media’s job because the fear and worry is what drives you to tune in and watch and that is what gives them their ratings. Fear is also a great way to control someone and get the responses you want to see. Just a notice.

Until we decide that we want to see something other than fear on our media, they will have no reason to change. In Julia Cameron”s book, The Artist Way, she speaks of going one week without the media. For her, it was about hearing your own voice. I challenge you do the same but for a different reason. Go without that continual bombardment of fear. See what happen when you remove that fear from your life for a week. See if your attitude towards the future might change. See if maybe you may get new ideas about how to move forward.

“But I must be informed!” you scream. Informed about what? What is so important that you can’t wait a week to hear about. OK. If that seems too hard, do the withdrawal every other day for 2 weeks. Give it a shot. What’s the worst that could happen – you live without fear for a week.

In love and light