What is freedom?

There are lots of freedoms I could choose to speak about but I would like to start with the dictionary definition. Webster’s states one definition of freedom as: the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action. Interesting. If looked at in another light, “necessity, coercion, or constraint” could be looked at as our beliefs systems, the ones that make about 90% of our decisions. Freedom could be interrupted as the liberation from our own mind, our own beliefs systems, and really if one is free within their one’s own mind than truly, what else is needed.

Will I ever be really free from my beliefs systems? No, I don’t believe I will. I keep the ones that support me and transform the ones that don’t. Does that mean that I can never be free using the definition upon? Maybe if I create a belief systems that support the lack of belief systems! Circular logic and it doesn’t matter. When my thinking is encumbered by absorbed opinions, when I look at what I state as my own beliefs and know them to be complete and truly my own truths – how ever they were formed initially – then I will be free, by my own definition.

To be independent of the good opinion of others – Dr Wayne Dyer.

That is what I strive for when I say freedom. Also, to be independent of the good and bad opinion of my own ego, the little child in me that always must be right. Now that will truly be freedom! My mind’s own freedom.

In love and light



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